Background and Rationale

About Us

Healthy Malaysia (HM) is modelled on the successful screening program run by the Hepatitis Free Pahang (HFP) [2,3,4] since 2017. The formation of HM is our attempt to scale-up HFP’s screening program nation-wide.

HFP’s and HM’s screening programs are premised on an idea and an enabler:

  1. The idea of community self-help, that when the private market and public health system could not meet one’s need, a community could be self-empowered and muster the collective efforts to address its needs [5].
  2. The enabler is advances in point-of-care diagnostics and digital health technologies which have enabled large-scale community-based screening [6]. Costly medical tests available only in Kuala Lumpur, performed by specialists using million RM machine and taking days to provide results, could now be done in any villages or small towns by nurses or lay persons using portable devices which provide results on the spot.